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"Power Forward" Cameron Abney

It's occasionally fun to read articles out of training camp, especially articles where it's pretty clear that the writer is going to great lengths to talk up the subject.  Today's example comes to us courtesy of the Edmonton Sun's normally excellent Derek Van Diest, who gives us a really interesting pair of back-to-back paragraphs in his column on prospect Cameron Abney:

A member of the Everett Silvertips, Abney had a quiet year offensively last season, collecting a goal and three assists in 48 games. He's expecting to put up bigger offensive totals this year.

At six-foot-four, 192 pounds, Abney has all the tools to be an effective power forward.

A power forward, according to Wikipedia (font of all knowledge...) is "a forward who possesses above average offensive skills and plays a tough, physical game".  I think that's a reasonable definition, and I think it's equally reasonable to say that Cameron Abney can lay claim to exactly half of that equation. 

It does everyone a disservice to pretend otherwise.