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Forensic Accountant Quits NHLPA

Pierre LeBrun tells us that Bob Lindquist, "considered by some as the leading financial mind at the union" as left the NHLPA in the wake of the Paul Kelly firing.

Let's connect some dots.

  1. According to Boston-based reporter James Murphy, an internal audit by a "top former FBI forensic accountant" had shown Kelly that that Eric Lindros and Ian Penny had spent millions of dollars of NHLPA money. 
  2. Paul Kelly is fired after a push led by a group reportedly including Ian Penny and Eric Lindros.  The audit was still ongoing.
  3. Ian Penny is named the interim head of the NHLPA.
  4. Pierre Lebrun tells us that an accounting consultant named Bob Lundquist resigns after Penny is named to the top job.
  5. This link (about a third of the way down) tells us that a man named Bob Lundquist specialized in forensic accounting.

It seems to me that we have a pretty usable working hypothesis: namely, that the push to knock Paul Kelly out of the top NHLPA job was directly linked to the audit instigated by Kelly and conducted by Lundquist.  Naturally, we'll need to see more data to confirm or refute this guess, but at this point it appears that Penny and Lindros were acting to eliminate a threat, rather than in the best interests of the NHLPA.