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Rob Schremp's Finest Season

Commenter Matt N. has been nice enough to run down the splits on Rob Schremp for 2007-08, his best season as a professional.

While not mind-blowing, Schremp's even-strength numbers compare nicely with top AHL options like Ryan Stone and Ryan Potulny from this past season.

Schremp's scoring breaks down as follows:

  • Even-strength: 78GP - 9G - 26A - 35PTS (.449 pts/gm)
  • Powerplay: 78GP - 14G - 27A - 41PTS (.526 pts/gm)

Let's compare those numbers to the best Falcons players from this last season (and Chris Minard):


  1. Jordan Eberle: .556 PPG
  2. Ryan Potulny: .486 PPG
  3. Ryan Stone: .455 PPG
  4. Rob Schremp (07-08): .449 PPG
  5. Chris Minard: .407 PPG
  6. Liam Reddox: .357 PPG
  7. Slava Trukhno: .286 PPG
  8. Bryan Lerg: .262 PPG
  9. Rob Schremp (08-09): .261 PPG
  10. Charles Linglet: .259 PPG
  11. Gilbert Brule: .256 PPG


  1. Rob Schremp (07-08): .526 PPG
  2. Chris Minard: .500 PPG
  3. Jordan Eberle: .444 PPG
  4. Ryan Potulny: .343 PPG
  5. Rob Schremp (08-09): .275 PPG
  6. Gilbert Brule: .231 PPG
  7. Shane Willis: .219 PPG
  8. Liam Reddox: .214 PPG
  9. Ryan Stone: .156 PPG
  10. Slava Trukhno: .125 PPG
  11. Carl Corazzini: .125 PPG


I don't think it's a stretch to say that Rob Schremp is never likely to be an impact scorer at even-strength.  That said, in his best AHL season his even-strength offense should have put him in the call-up group (and probably would have on a team less blessed with tiny scoring forwards).  If he can get back to that level of play at even-strength, I think he'll convince an NHL club that the deficincies in his overall game aren't so bad as to keep him off the roster - and once on the roster, he can be a genuine help on the powerplay (one thing Schremp has always had is tremendous powerplay ability).