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Marc Pouliot Interview

Marc Pouliot

#78 / Center / Edmonton Oilers



May 22, 1985

22nd overall, 2003

GP G A P +/- PIM QC QT Corsi/60 PTS/60 SOG PCT
2008 - Marc Pouliot 63 8 12 20 1 23 11th 9th -4.4 1.67 94 8.5

Marc Pouliot was recently interviewed by Ryan Pyette of The London Free Press in connection with his participation in the Euro Can Cup.  I didn't expect much of the interview, but Pyette asked him a few things which might be of interest to Oilers fans.

After discussing a painful Memorial Cup loss in London, Pouliot shared with Pyette how he spent his summer:

"[Patrick] Coulombe and I, we spent the summer working out at the University of Laval with the (Vanier Cup champion) football team. Their trainer is our trainer and it was a great situation."

Pouliot has had a habit over his NHL career of slow starts; I've often wondered if that reflected a below-average workout regimen in the summer.  This year it sounds like that won't be an issue and I think that the Euro Can Cup (where what Pyette calls a "loosely designated" London Knights alumni squad faces off against some European teams) will be a nice warm-up for Pouliot and Oilers' teammates Rob Schremp and Sam Gagner.

I personally found the next quote to be rather interesting:

"I was invited to play when the team went to Europe last year and I had a blast, so that's why I said yes this time. They brought Sammy on, which was great and Rob and I got to be very good friends.

"Rob played very well when he got called up by the Oilers last year but, after a couple of games, got sent down and the coach (Craig MacTavish) never gave him a second chance. I believe he deserves another shot at the Show."

Now this could be nothing more than Pouliot sticking up for a friend of his in Rob Schremp.  In fact, that's probably all it is.

On the other hand, Pouliot himself was frequently scratched by the coach, and when in the lineup often found himself relegated to a fourth-line role.  MacTavish's public comments about Pouliot have been mixed; occasionally positive but often critical.

Oilers fans have talked a lot about players getting a fresh start under a new coach, and the names that usually come up are Dustin Penner, Rob Schremp and Robert Nilsson.  I think Pouliot should be included on that list, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if Pouliot was one of the happier players on the day MacTavish was shown the door.

I hope Pouliot makes the most of it.  This season is likely to only go one of two ways for him: either he'll show his value to the team, or he'll show himself to the exit - and at his point, which happens is a toss-up.