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Watch Out Jordan Bendfeld - Matt Nickerson Is On The Roster

I was a little surprised to find Matt Nickerson over at HF's list of Oilers prospects a few minutes ago, mostly because I'd never heard of the guy.  Turns out there's a good reason for that; Nickerson was such a low-key free agent signing (this summer, believe it or not) that all Google News has on him is a single article for the last month - an article that just happens to be in Czech.

Anyways, the video above is pretty self-explanatory.  Beyond that Hockey's Future has a pretty good writeup on the guy, who actually seems to be able to play (some) hockey in addition to being a big (6'4", 235lbs) meanie.  According to HF, footspeed is a major issue, although Nickerson's done alright over in the SM-Liiga (who says the Euro leagues aren't tough?) for the past couple of years.  Based on some of the Youtube videos I've found, he's also occasionally prone to lapses in discipline.

The best thing about Nickerson?  Unlike Cameron Abney or Jordan Bendfeld, the Oilers didn't burn a draft pick to acquire him.