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Leafs Investigated For Tampering

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Remember how, just last year, Kevin Lowe made an offhand comment about how if Brian Burke didn't like what he was paying Corey Perry he could trade him to Edmonton?  Burke replied by asking the NHL to investigate whether Lowe was guilty of tampering.  Today, the shoe is on the other foot:

The Toronto Maple Leafs are under investigation for tampering because of comments made by head coach Ron Wilson about the club’s interest in Daniel and Henrik Sedin prior to the free-agent deadline on July 1...

Last Tuesday, less than 24 hours before the Sedin twins re-signed with the Vancouver Canucks, Wilson told the Fan 590 in Toronto, “You’re hearing right now, and this sounds very contradictory but, there’s a real possibility, I would think, that we would be going after the Sedins. Let’s just speculate there.”

There's a line about karma that seems appropriate at this point.