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Prospect Notes: Rob Schremp and the Springfield Falcons

Guy Flaming has a great piece up at his site about where the Springfield Falcons sit right now.  I'm going to post some of the highlights below with my thoughts, but I strongly suggest reading the whole thing.

  • The conditional pick in the Sestito deal is a 7th rounder if Sestito plays 25 games with New Jersey next season.  I'd been betting he'll play zero, but knwoing what we do about Lamoriello, I'd now strongly consider changing that '0' to '24'.
  • Rob Schremp needs to clear waivers next season; he likely hopes to be claimed at this point.
  • Young and Spurgeon may return on AHL deals.  That makes a ton of sense.
  • Trukhno may return to Europe; in all honesty, I'm a little surprised he's toughed it out through two AHL seasons.
  • Motin, Plante and Kytnar are all expected to play roles in Springfield next season.
  • Aaron Sorochan and Kurtis Mucha will both be at training camp; Sorochan's an interesting case and should be worth watching, while I don't know much about Mucha outside of his ugly stats lines in Portland.  I'd be surprised if either surpassed Andrew Perugini in training camp.