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Dany Heatley (Not Quite) Traded to Edmonton for Cogliano, Penner and Smid

This is Andrew Cogliano.  He slipped in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft because of issues about his size and the quality of the league he was playing in.  He has been the Lowe-era Oilers best draft-day find based on where he was selected and his NHL success to date.  He's played two NHL seasons and twice scored 18 goals, and he's a favorite of mine for a lot of different reasons.

According to Sportsnet, he's now an Ottawa Senator, along with the underrated but overpriced Dustin Penner and promising defenseman Ladislav Smid.  All three cost the Oilers a lot, not only in assets but also in development time in the majors.  All three were on the cusp of paying off.

I don't like this trade.  It's probably a win for the Oilers, who bring back a guy who is going to score 40 every year and could very well score 50 again, but I don't like it.  The Oilers get increasingly top-heavy in terms of dollars spent with this deal, and I sure hope that Shawn Horcoff didn't burn out all of his offensive instincts last year because he's going to need them again.