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2009 NHL Draft: Do You Trade For These Men?

Darren Dreger’s been posting some interesting stuff about available players over at TSN, including players who might be of interest to the Oilers. Let’s look through his scenarios one at a time.

Let’s also ignore the stories about who Steve Tambellini is interested in. Imagine, for a moment, that YOU are the G.M. With that in mind, do you make these trades?

Rights to Jay Bouwmeester

The Florida Panthers are closing in on dealing star defenceman Jay Bouwmeester's negotiating rights. Five teams remain in the mix with the asking price just to talk to Bouwmeester, according to source, believed to be a third round draft pick.

I don’t make that deal. Leaving aside the fact that the Oilers have a legitimate defensive corps already, everything tells me that Bouwmeester is going to test the market; if this is right, then a team is dumping a 3rd round pick in exchange for nothing. I’d wait a week, and then make the call.

Ryane Clowe

Meanwhile, the San Jose Sharks are in discussions with a couple of teams, with Sharks forward Ryane Clowe the centre of trade talks. The Toronto Maple Leafs have shown interest, but aren't willing to part with their first round pick to close the deal, while the Philadelphia Flyers have also shown interest. However, San Jose is believed to have asked for either Claude Giroux, or Scott Hartnell...a price the Flyers aren't willing to pay.

Based on this, San Jose is either asking for a very high draft pick, a premium (and near-NHL ready) prospect, or a roster player. So, would you make the deal if the price were:

a) the 10th overall pick?

b) Jordan Eberle?

c) Patrick O’Sullivan?

Before deciding, I’d suggest reading Gregor’s take here. He quotes a Western Conference scout who pointed out that half of Clowe’s points came on the powerplay and that San Jose as one of the league’s best units – the implication being that Clowe was cashing in rather than driving the bus. I tend to agree, and he’s only a middling even-strength scorer. I’d definitely say "no" to option A and C, and possibly B as well.