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Matt Thomas Should Be Back

The future of Matt Thomas is one of the items that the Stockton Thunder need to deal with this off-season, but I don't think there should be any question about retaining him.

Thomas is an extremely young coach; he's only 33 and 2008-09 marks his fifth season as an ECHL head coach.  He had a 179-98-41 when he took over in Stockton, and the team's transformation under his guidance was remarkable:

  • Pre-Thomas: 10-20-1
  • Post-Thomas: 22-13-6

Of course, the players that Thomas brought along with him from the defunct Fresno Falcons helped matters, but then it can't be easy incorporating a half-dozen newcomers into the lineup either.  Alone of all the teams under the Oilers umbrella this year, there should be no question as to who will be coaching the Thunder next season; I'm certain that the Thunder will be able to secure Thomas to a new contract.