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Playoff Predictions

With the first round over with, let's revisit my playoff predictions.

Western Conference

1. SJ vs. 8. ANA - SJ in 6

2. DET vs. 7. CBJ - DET in 7

3. VAN vs. 6. STL - VAN in 6

4. CHI vs. 5. CGY - CHI in 5

Results: Well, I got three out of four series right by ignoring the possibility of any upset, although I though both Columbus and St. Louis would put up better fights.  3 out of 4.

Eastern Conference

1. BOS vs. 8. MTL - BOS in 5

2. WSH vs. 7. NYR - WSH in 4

3. NJ vs. 6. CAR - NJ in 7

4. PIT vs. 5. PHI - PIT in 6

Results: Again I ignored the possibility of upsets, and again I went 3 for 4.  I didn't bank on the Rangers being so good, but I did know that Carolina would keep their series close so I'm feeling pretty good about my picks.  3 out of 4.

That's six for eight on the first round, which puts me comfortably in the middle of the TSN pack and well ahead of the monkey.

 Now though it's time to make second round picks.

 2. DET vs. 8. ANA

 Despire excellent play from many Ducks (particularly Getzlaf and Hiller), their triumph over the Sharks in the first round looked to me like a combination of their talent and the Shark's own implosion.  The Red Wings are a better team than the Sharks, and while Chris Osgood is a bit of a question mark, I wouldn't go against the Wings here.  Detroit in 6.

3. VAN vs. 4. CHI

Two good teams here and this should be a close series, but the Canucks have better depth and a better goaltender.  Vancouver in 6.

1. BOS vs. 6. CAR

Carolina did well to get past New Jersey, but while Boston isn't an insurmountable obstacle I think that they're significantly better than the Hurricanes.  Boston in 5.

2. WSH vs. 4 PIT

I think this is the most obvious must-watch series of the four in the second round, and it should be very close.  That said, Pittsburgh is probably a better team than their record indicates given that Michel Therrien was coaching them to begin the year, and I think they'll come out of this series.  Pittsburgh in 7.