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SBNation Debut


Welcome to the Edmonton Oilers arm of SBNation - The Copper & Blue!  I guarantee ranting, tangents, and microscopic inspection of trivialities past, present, and projected.  Along the way, I may stumble into some genuine analysis and useful insights, but if expectations are kept low then disappointment will hopefully be avoided.

This isn't my first blog; I've been running the original Copper & Blue off and on for a year now, and I also do a regular column over at OilersNation and CanucksArmy, so my thoughts will be preserved by the power of the internet for generations to come.  Oh, those lucky future generations.

I am new to the SBNation blog format, but hopefully I'll pick things up quickly and with a minimum of embarrassment so that I can get on with the important work of embarrassing myself in other ways. 

In any case, we'll all get to know each other soon enough and I expect this is going to be a lot of fun! 

And, if you're coming here from the original Copper & Blue, I'll get the blogroll and everything else figured out as quickly as I can, but in the meantime the articles will continue.