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Update on Omark's Shenanigans

When we last checked in on Linus Omark, we were mostly amused by his antics, though details were still hazy. SovSport has the details of the hilarity.  The rivalry between Dynamo and Spartak is akin to The Battle of Alberta, if the Flames and Oilers were from the same city and the hate was turned up to eleven.

TuvanHillbilly from Japers' Rink translated for us, and we are grateful.

    "But before the victory, the visitors scored. And that score almost ended in a melee. This is how the events unfolded… Radivojevic went to the penalty box, and then Vorobev’s shot hit the target after Umark’s pass. While the refs were deciding whether or not to allow the goal, Linus (Umark) went up to the net, grabbed the puck from them and skated out to center ice. Had he decided to quickly restart the game soccer style? No, the Swede hurried over to Spartak’s penalty box and, with a wide grin on his face, handed the puck to Radivojevic.-- Apparently as a keepsake.

    The furious Branko (Radivojevic) jumped up, waving his stick above the glass, trying to get the Dynamo player in the helmet. Umark turned and made his way to his bench. The Spartak player, having pushed away from his minder, banged open the door and …ran into the approaching ref."

Check out a picture of Omark skating towards the penalty box after the goal

The .PDF version has a picture of Radivojevic talking to the refs after running into them in the midst of trying to chase down Omark.  The second page has a better picture of Omark skating towards the penalty box -- notice the grin on his face.

Reports are that Omark and Radivojevic continued their feud after the game with a rousing round of trash talk at a Moscow restaurant.