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Gift Ideas For Oiler Fans

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Struggling to find a gift for the Oiler fan in your life? Is he tired of the same type of gifts over and over again?  Well, look no further, The Copper & Blue is here to solve your holiday shopping needs.  From the lady in your life to the guy who has everything, we've got you covered.  Thanks to Dirk at On The Forecheck for letting me steal this idea.

7afeb2c008a0220a80247010Many of our readers weren't yet roaming the planet when Wayne Gretzky won his last cup in Edmonton.  Younger fans struggle to connect when older fans reminisce.  Help the younger fan in your life learn a bit of hockey history and close the generation gap by getting them The Glory Barons: The Saga of the Edmonton Oilers

The book chronicles the Oilers dynasty and Pocklington's financial downfall and eventual destruction of the dynasty.  Much like a current off-season, the book builds readers up and let's them bask in the glory of winning, only to tear them down via an unceremonious end.  Let them taste the very beginnings of the misery that all Oiler fans feel every day.



The Oilers are tied late in the game.  The puck gets dumped into their end and stays there for two minutes, leading to a goal. You spend the last forty-five seconds in front of the television begging anyone in an Oilers sweater to clear the puck or bump someone off of the cycle, to no avail.

Is there a lady in your life that gets a chill every time you leap off of the couch to yell at the most recent blown assignment in the game you're watching?  Keep her warm with an Oilers Throw Blanket.



Looking for a gift for the sophisticated, legal-age man in your life?  Do you have trouble finding just the right gift in the Oilers online store?  Is he in despair after watching three years of his favorite team miss the playoffs?  Does he realize that it's going to be four in a row this year?  Do you want to cheer him up and remind him of all that was good about the Edmonton Oilers and his youth?  What about a bottle of vino from No. 99 Estates?  Wayne Gretzky's Niagara Winery produces seven varietals and one blend to fit almost any palate.  The "99" on the label and seal bring back the days gone by and the buzz might make him forget about tthe present day.  And hey, if he's going to get drunk watching the current squad, at least let him drink like a winner.


2316614-rescaledpic-300x300_mediumIs there a collector in your family?  Shock him or her with a Timrå IK sweater, coKalpa_1598_0911_9c3_mediummplete with #91 and Pääjärvi in all it's glory on the back.  The home reds are eye-catching when sitting in a crowd of copper and blue Hemsky and Pronger sweaters.  Do you have to buy for someone that is into game-worn items?  How about a game-worn #35 Hartikainen sweater from KalPa?  The yellow away jerseys stand out in an especially unique way.  Let your Oiler fan show the world that "The future" isn't just a motto - he lives it!



For the fan who has everything, or for someone that would just appreciate helping make the world a better place, donate some money in their name to the Cross Cancer Institute and help support Glenn Anderson's goal of raising $3 million to fund new cancer research programs.  Even if you you don't do this as a gift, if you're looking to make an end of year donation, help Andy and the Cross Cancer Institute in their efforts to find a cure.  For all of the things that are wrong in the world of professional sports, there are guys like Glenn Anderson, trying to make things right. He's a great guy fighting an uphill fight for a outstanding cause.  Help if you can.