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Oilers vs. Stars, 12/5/09 - Studley Wonderbomb vs. Real Deal



SBNation's Oilers vs Stars game page

Defending Big D

Dallas, home of the self-admitted fair-weather fans.

Dallas desperately needs Blue-Line offense. Edmonton should rebuild. Souray to Dallas?

Matt Niskanen is having difficulties. Perhaps the young blueliner could use a change of scenery, like Edmonton.

Tom Hicks' financial situation continues to hamper the Stars.

The Dallas Stars Ice Girls page. Raise your hand if rather than Khabibulin, you'd like to have Meagan in goal.

Watch for Brendon Morrow and Ethan Moreau to take penalties, but not draw them.

We'll always have Devo. Perhaps Robert Nilsson can corkscrew a Stars defender tonight as an homage to Dvorak.

Always remember the real Stars.

Dallas Stars Injuries

No Injuries.