Omark One-Ups Kovalchuk



In a move that Ilya Kovalchuk would be proud of, Linus Omark escalated the penalty box taunt. 

As reported by Hockey, during yesterday's game between Dynamo and Spartak, Branko Radivojevic was called for a penalty, a penalty which was drawn by Linus Omark.  Radivojevic called out Omark for diving, which led to a heated trash-talking exchange between the two of them.

The supposed exchange is in the comments there, but our intrepid Swede is checking up on the validity of exchange before we post it.  I'm a little shocked that South Park has invaded European hockey trash talking.


Dynamo scored on the ensuing power play, with Omark assisting on the goal.  Omark then retrieved the puck from the net and skated to the penalty box where he tossed the puck at Radivojevic.  Omark is not a shy player by any means, and enjoys his abilities.  You might remember him from such classics as lob wedge shootout goal:



Johan is on the lookout for video and more reports of the incident, so hopefully we'll get to see Mr. Omark's audaciousness on full display.

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