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Happy Holidays All

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From all of us at The Copper & Blue, we hope you have a great holiday season.  If you're fortunate enough to have all of life's comforts, we hope that you remember others who struggle with the day-to-day that we all take for granted.  If you donate I can't send a personal thanks, but I can give you a picture of a hot hockey elf.


Help Canadian families in need find a meal by donating to Food Banks Canada.  A couple of warm meals goes a long way this time of year, especially for children in need.


Those of you in Alberta already know about the Cross Cancer Institute and the work Glenn Anderson's is doing to raise money and awareness there.  Help Andy reach his goals.





ModestNeeds.Org - Small Change. A World Of Difference.

For our American readers, please consider donating to Modest Needs, a charity that helps break the cycle of poverty by assisting those in danger of falling behind with their household bills.