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Oilers News and Notes

Hey look at that!  It's a holding penalty on Dustin Penner.  I'd love to talk to someone at the league offices and get an explanation as to how that is a hold on the Edmonton player.  I, and everyone else that watched the game, saw David Steckel attempting to molest Penner as he carried the puck.  When that didn't work, he tried to hold him.  Penner pushed him away called for a hold.


David Staples has a breakdown on the rumors that Tambellini is shopping the veteran core of this team and comes to this conclusion:

I also give it credence because it makes sense that the Oil would be testing the market value of these three players. This Oilers team isn't going to win big, or win at all, any time soon. Souray and Visnovsky have a limited shelf life as peak NHL players. Put this together and trading them would likely work for them as well as for the Oilers.

I still have my doubts because we've seen nothing but dithering thus far from Tambellini.

Interesting items below the fold:

Stealing money?  My bet is that he was wearing a Moreau or an O'Sullivan sweater.

Another guy misses the point, scoring isn't the overreaching problem in Edmonton.  Preventing goals is the problem.  But sure, they need another scorer.

Bringing Back The Glory has a late-night donut with Robert Nilsson.  Should have invited him over for a Turducken.

I missed one because I had no idea who was wearing the 'C' in Buffalo.

U.S. Versus viewers, take heart - Change is coming!

Mirtle's got a great collection of information on the Reggie Fleming news.

David Staples has done outstanding work on the arena project, past and present at Cult of Hockey


Edmonton Oilers Injuries


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Jean-Francois Jacques other-excused 12/21/2009

Out (IR / Out / Suspended / Physically unvailable)

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Mike Comrie other-illness 11/17/2009
Nikolai Khabibulin back 11/21/2009
Fernando Pisani other-excused 11/12/2009
Marc Pouliot other-excused 09/30/2009
Ales Hemsky shoulder 11/27/2009