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Oilers News & Links

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The Oilers get some much-needed R&R after the road trip, time that should get Denis Grebeshkov back into the lineup and might help the healing process in Shawn Horcoff's shoulder.

Some items that were clogging my current Evernote session:

Scott Reynolds looks at Marc Savard's contract at the Gospel Of Hockey.

Inspired by that contract signing, Tyler Dellow takes a look at contracts that intentionally bring down the available money in the player's pool.  It's a fantastic article.  The NHLPA should invite Tyler to speak at their next gathering.  Actually, given the way things have gone, they should invite Tyler to be the next head of the NHLPA.

Many of the Oiler blogging hoi polloi have come to the same conclusion about Tambellini and where this year's Oilers team finishes.  I had much the same sentiment when I predicted the next GM would be Mark Messier.

Philippe Cornet had a nice week two weeks ago - enough to be named player of the week in the Q.

Yet another Sporcle Quiz, this time on individual stat leaders on each team.  I got 100 out of 120.  Have fun.

Finally, this is NSFW for some, but this Oiler girl artwork is excellent.  Courtesy of DeviantArt

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