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Oilers News and Links

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SBN's Media empire grows:  you can now find The Copper & Blue's glorious content in USA Today.  Check out the Edmonton Oilers team page!  Congratulations to Jim and Tyler for making this happen.  We inch closer to taking over the world.

Some items that were clogging my Evernote session:


...Bickell had to be helped off the ice early in the first period in Edmonton after banging his head following a hit on Oiler forward Dustin Penner.

"I went for a hit against Penner, I hit him pretty well, but then I hit my head on the ice and that was it basically," Bickell said. "I got carried off."


Mr. Bickell clearly doesn't understand that you don't hit Dustin Penner, you bounce off.  He's lucky that he didn't face more bodily harm.


This might be the toughest Sporcle quiz I've ever done.  I got a higher percentage of European Capital Cities than players receiving Hart votes.


The Pipeline Show had an excellent interview with Kyle Bigos, check it out.  The passage that should please Oiler fans:

Our success comes from hard work and discipline; I've noticed that when we start trying to play fancy and trade chances we let other teams into the game. We can play that game, but we feel we are stronger and better than other teams when we play our puck possession game.

The big club should take note.


Sports Satire is not easy to do well, but this is just awesome.  Edmonton is in bad, but at least we can all still laugh at Calgary.  Keep an eye out for Olli, everyone.


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