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Central Scouting Releases Preliminary List

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Given the way the season has gone thus far, this is something that Edmonton fans should be interested in.  NHL Central Scouting released it's preliminary list on November 17th

There aren't many surprises on the list; the one notable exception is that Tyler Seguin has overtaken Taylor Hall at #1 for North American skaters.

For a bit more in depth look, Western College Hockey Blog has a take on the NCAA list here and the USHL list here

Given that it looks like this Oilers team will have a top 10 pick next year, who is on your collective radar?  Who should Edmonton target, and who will still be around when they pick?  Except for the fact that the organization already has a baker's dozen of small, flighty, super-intelligent centers, I'd love for the Finnish kid, Mikael Granlund, to come to town.