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Oilers @ Senators 11/10/09 - 2/3 of Heatleygate Involved


SBNation's Game Page

Silver Seven Sens

SBNation's Ottawa Page

Defending Jason Spezza with RTSS.  Ew.

Team full of cheap players takes too many penalties, news at 11.

This guys is proud of those penalties!  At least Ottawa leads in something.

Another entry on penalties.  I sense a theme.  Maybe rewarding the cheap shot artist with a 100% raise isn't the best message to send to the rest of the team.

More on the penalties, with a shout out to officiating.

New Sens not scoring except for the one that will score 40 goals.  Blogger undermines his premise in his second paragraph. 

Jonathan Cheechoo has been a bit of a disappointment.

Which is probably why Murray says that the Sens have to add to the roster.

In the race for total  failure in understanding sample sizes, this fella is Mario Andretti.

I don't think that a fan could come up with a worse nickname for a hockey coach.

This guys is REALLY upset with Dustin Penner.  I mean REALLY upset, and I can't figure out why.


Ottawa Senators Injuries

Out (IR / Out / Suspended / Physically unvailable)

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Anton Volchenkov elbow 10/29/2009