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Dustin Penner Mocks Scott Oake

Dustin Penner, like many other players, finds Scott Oake quite annoying.  The big fella got tired of Oake some time last year and the relationship became contentious.  Last night, Penner showed his displeasure and openly mocked Oake during their intermission interview. 

The transcript of the interview is below the jump.


Scott Oake:  Dustin Penner scores for the Oilers in the first period, Dustin a lot of talk about how you're in the best physical condition of your time as an Oiler but what you say, uh, is really changed is your mental approach, how so? 

Dustin Penner:  I guess it has to do with the atmosphere I'm in now.  You know, everybody got a clean slate with the new coaching staff and you tend to get one with the new year as well.  And I've been taking advantage of it and using it as an opportunity to learn from new coach.  I think positive attitudes are contagious and there's a lot of them in this room right now. 

Oake:  Well you are lighter, are you prepared to say what diet adjustments you made to, uh, lose some weight?

Penner:  You guys haven't been paying attention, I've said it enough.

Oake:  Not on network TV

Penner:  Not on network?  CBC isn't a network?

Oake:  Well you haven't said it to us.

Penner:  Oh.  Okay.  I guess it was everything in moderation.  Right?  I've already said the wheat or barley based drinks.  So, that's the key, I'm going to write a book. 

Oake:  Fair enough.  Maybe you can start selling that diet.

Penner:  Are you going to buy it?

Oake:  No, not a chance.