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Edmonton - Boston post-game: pffffft

This game always was going to be a stinker. Oilers have historically played poorly against Boston (esp. in the regular season), and always have trouble scoring on them. An afternoon game on a bizarre 36-hour turnaround didn't help matters, not did the flu bug which presumably is biting some of the guys who are dressing as well as those who have been officially sidelined. At least I hope it's the flu bug ... for what seemed like the fifth game in a row the team ran out of compete midway through the second period.

Here's a telling stat from today's game. Hits by period:

1 13 7
2 3 10
3 2 11

And that certainly wasn't because Edmonton had the majority of the puck. A fast-paced first period, not too many scoring chances, but the Oilers were at least holding their own. After that ... not much at all. Boston constantly outnumbered Edmonton around the puck, played the body harder, played the puck harder, and won a huge majority of the puck battles. Getting outmanned by Zdeno Chara is one thing, but when 5'11, 193-lb Vladimir Sobotoka has his way with you, something's definitely wrong.

Hopefully, that "something" is flu. And hopefully, it is soon to run its course. I can't handle too many more games like those I've suffered through these past 8 days.