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Canadiens and Oilers Possible Trade Partners?

From Hendrick's Hockey comes this latest trade rumor:

...the Edmonton Oilers are looking at Tomas Plekanec, Andrei Kostitsyn, and Kyle Chipchura. While its believed the Canadiens seem to like Tom Gilbert, Denis Grebeshkov, & J.F. Jacques. Which combinations of players or an exact trade package is unknown.

This isn't exactly a surprise, and the writer may be massaging some information that came out last week to make something out of nothing.

We know that Kevin Prendergast has been kicking the tires in Montreal, based on this report by Brian Wilde, of CTV Montreal Sports

...I mention all of this because Prendergast has spent the last three games watching the Habs home stand. A week in the same city is a long time for a scout like Prendergast.

So a couple of sources are now onto the same story, and given the Oilers woeful lack of #6 - #11 forwards, it's not a stretch to see a hint of truth to them. The Oilers need guys that can swim. Right now, they have five of them - the rest drown. Fernando Pisani may make six, but he's been beat up over the last few years and though his sainthood is not in question, the body may fail him.

As I mentioned the other day, if Denis Grebeshkov is being included because the team feels Taylor Chorney is having success, that's a bit of a concern, however Ladislav Smid is growing up before our eyes (he's at the Peter Brady voice-cracking stage) and may be ready for a top four role. Remember, Grebeshkov is due another contract in the offseason, and the market loves defensemen that can pass and score points. His fast start in the traditional stats is masking his inability to handle the toughs, but if another general manager is willing to pay, he's a guy that can go.