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A Look at the Oilers at the 1/8 pole

Regular readers know that thus far The Copper & Blue has been tracking the Oilers statistical leaders in the right hand column.  Check in daily for updates.  Since we're at the 1/8 pole (plus the 11th game) of the season, I thought it might be instructive to compare the leaders and the laggers, the guys in last place in all categories.  Sheldon Souray and Steve Staios are notably absent, as injuries have prevented them from playing enough qualifying games.  The scoring chance numbers come from Dennis King's outstanding work, the Corsi and EV +/- come from Gabriel Desjardins.  Check out Gabe's new home here at SBNation at Behind The Net.

Stat Forwards
TOI/G: Horcoff (20:13)
Grebeshkov (22:50)
ESTOI/G: Horcoff (14:06)
Grebeshkov (17:16)
Points: Penner (15)
Visnovsky (8)
Goals: Penner (8)
Grebeshkov, Visnovsky (3)
Assists: Hemsky (10) Visnovsky (5)
EV +/- /15 Penner (.915)
Smid (.802)
Shots: O'Sullivan, Penner (32)
Grebeshkov, Visnovsky (15)
Corsi/15: Stone (-.365)
Visnovsky (.19)
Penner (5.060)
Smid (4.629)
Stortini (3.276)
Visnovsky (3.827)
Gagner (.639)
Visnovsky (.651)


Dustin Penner is the man driving the play in the offensive end at even strength.  Scoring chances for, even strength +/-, shots, goals, points - he leads the Oilers in all of them.  On the back end, Lubomir Visnovsky is driving the play and Ladislav Smid has been the beneficiary.


And now the laggers, the guys in last place in each statistical category:


Stat Forwards
TOI/G: Stortini (10:26)
Chorney (15:49)
ESTOI/G: Stortini (9:09)
Chorney (12:30)
Points: Horcoff, Moreau, Stortini (2)
Chorney (1)
Goals: Four tied with 1
Four tied with 0
Assists: Stortini (0) Chorney (1)
EV +/- /15 Horcoff (-.41)
Grebeshkov (-.25)
Shots: Stortini (6)
Smid (1)
Corsi/15: Cogliano (-6.392)
Chorney (-7.717)
Stortini (2.531)
Chorney (2.569)
Horcoff (5.507)
Gilbert (5.241)
Nilsson (-1.828)
Chorney (-2.569)


While most didn't expect much from Taylor Chorney, there have been some rumblings about trading one of the top six defensemen because of Chorney's prowess.  Judging by his numbers, that's an obvious mistake.  Zack Stortini lacks offense by every measure, and judging by this chart, more power play time makes even less sense.