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Oilers Post Game Sounds

"That was a pretty good line tonight.  All three of them were excellent. The seemed to take on the challenge, they played against that Nash unit most of the night and I think they liked that challenge. That probably helped them be ready, at least sharp mentally, anyway."

--Pat Quinn, on the new top line.

"It was a pretty good result at the end of the night but I don't know if I want to do that rollercoaster ride too often."

--Pat Quinn, on the comeback.


Stauffer:  Can I ask you to be a little bit more selfish and tell us how good it feels to have fourteen points right now to start the year?

Penner:  Feels pretty good, feels, well I guess in a way if you've seen the movie "Old School" when he comes off the gymnastics and says 'I blacked out, what happened?' That's kind of what it feels like.


It's not time to say how you feel right now, because it's only been nine games.  I feel good, because I'm fresh, I've missed the last half-year.  I've missed lots of games and my body was a little bit excited about hockey and I was excited.  The first couple of games were bad because I hadn't played in a long time, and every game I feel better and better. 

--Lubomir Visnovsky, on how it's not the right time to talk about how he feels.


"I'm finding out new stuff about Dustin all of the time, from the standpoint of my knowledge of him as a player.  Coming here, all I heard was big guy that had lots of knocks on him from people that had been involved with him.  His confidence was shot a little bit and right now, you wouldn't know that watching him play, he skates well, he handles the puck, he's doing it with confidence, he's responsible defensively.  Right now he's a complete player and I'm hoping that sort of thing continues and he identifies that maybe he's made a little step in how he plays"

--Pat Quinn, on Dustin Penner


"Bobby Nilsson had a good game.  He's got big skill and I saw some things from him that as a coach you worry about whether they play in certain situations, and they certainly did that tonight."

--Pat Quinn, on Robert Nilsson


"That was less our foward lines than it was our defense.  Right on our doorstep again.  The one unit on the four-on-four for their fourth goal turned the puck over and it was probably a coaching mistake to have those two out there."

--Pat Quinn, on the third goal, when Grebeshkov and Visnovsky were out together.


"I think there's a difference in this locker room, we just believe we can come back no matter what."

--Dustin Penner, with his daily quote on the difference in the locker room.


"He was shooting the puck tonight, I guess he had that feeling."

--Pat Quinn, on Dustin Penner

"That's one of those games where you're playing playstation and you go to the challenge mode and you pick to be down 4-1 and you come back with five unanswered goals.  Feels pretty good."

--Dustin Penner, on the comeback