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A Quick Note on Rob Schremp

Rob Schremp, the controversial ex-Oilers’ prospect who was a healthy scratch Wednesday night as the New York Islanders won their first game of the season (4-3 in a shootout over Carolina) hasn’t been terribly impressive through five games in Long Island. This has prompted some to write him off – and I think that’s a mistake.

Don't misunderstand me here - I'm not saying it's a mistake to give up on Schremp.  But for someone who has followed him during his time as an Oiler to change his mind based on a five game audition is ridiculous.  One quick comparison - the projected seasons of Schremp and Shawn Horcoff right now:

  • Rob Schremp: 82GP - 0G - 16A - 16PTS - -32
  • Shawn Horcoff: 82GP - 10G - 10A - 20PTS - -31

That's what happens over small sets of data.  Common sense tells us not to trust that Horcoff projection, and it should also tell us not to read too much into Schremp's first five games as an Islander.

It makes as much sense as fans who were demanding an NHL spot for him after four games last season.  A brief NHL stint simply doesn't carry nearly as much weight as years of hockey in junior or the AHL does.