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Teemu Hartikainen @ Ässät

Teemu Hartikainen

#35 / Left Wing / KalPa



May 3, 1990

Round 6, 2008 #163 overall

Wasama Trophy Winner, 2008-2009

KalPa at Ässät, 10/10/09 - Teemu Hartikainen 0 2 2 -1 4 0.0


KalPa dropped a a 5-4 decision to Ässät on Saturday, in a game in which the KalPa website mentions something about "Saturday Shirts and Leather Pants". I have no idea what that means, so either Google translator is lost, or some interesting stuff went down yesterday.

Hartikainen had a pair of assists and four shots on goal.  He's got 8 points in 12 games thus far and he's up to 29 shots in 12 games with only 1 goal, so expect him to snap out of that soon.

From the lineup page, it appears that Hartikainen played on the third line.

Some outstanding game photography here from the KalPa website.