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Team Togetherness

Some interesting quotes in today's news cycle:

"We need a new voice, we need a new start, we need new expectations, we need a new discipline, and it’s time to look forward here."

Steve Tambellini, on expectations

"Mac really thought he couldn’t do any more with the group."

Kevin Lowe, on accountability
[note how it is "the" group and not "our" group let alone "my" group]

"The thing that was maybe most disappointing for me was our culture took a hit, in terms of our work ethic and our selflessness."

Craig MacTavish, on professionalism

"I’m always proud of the way I play, I’m always proud of the way I prepare and proud of the way I carry myself."

Ethan Moreau, on himself

"If you’re in the NHL, if you want to have a good career, you should be able to motivate yourself."

Ethan Moreau, on others

"We have some good veterans that hopefully want to be a part of this going forward. But I can tell you things are going to change as far as expectations and preparation from the players’ standpoint."

Steve Tambellini, on the future

"We got behind the 8-ball right away, we took an undisciplined penalty. I love Scottie Hartnell’s emotion but he’s got to find that line of discipline and I don’t really think he did tonight. He’s a guy we count on to kill penalties, he’s a guy we count on a lot. ... He ends up in the penalty box way too much and that’s something we’re going to have to correct."

John Stevens, coach of an actual playoff team, on Real accountability