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The Rather Predictable Mathematical Elimination Terry Jones Column

From Terry Jones' latest burst of apoplectic rage:

We've seen it over and over and over so I don't know why we ought to be shocked by this team not being able to bring anything resembling interest much less intensity, desire, desperation, will, character and anything resembling a refuse-to-lose mentality.

Five minutes in the shots were 9-3! Not long later they were 13-4!

To his credit, Jones includes one sentence with any significance to the game as a whole later on, although it's buried between his typical ham-handed rhetoric:

To their credit they took the game over in the second period.

No kidding. I know Jones (and his readership) don't want to focus on the positive, or even on a fair, balanced picture, but here's some fun with the shot clock.

Five minutes in the shots were 9-3!
Not long later they were 13-4!
Form that point until the end of the second, the Oilers out-shot the Kings 21-9!
Then the Oilers out-shot the Kings 14-8 in the third period!

A fair assessment would be that despite a poor first period, the Oilers outplayed the Kings for the vast majority of the game. However, because in previous games they had put themselves in an untenable situation, their inability to get the win eliminated them from the playoffs mathematically. It's unfortunate that they didn't outperform teams all season like they did last night; things would have turned out differently.

But that's Jones for you. He has a point that he wants to make, and he'll grasp whatever straws he needs to get it across - regardless of whether that's the best description of reality or not.