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Draft Position

This is Sam Ganger flanked by Kevin Prendergast and Kevin Lowe at the 2007 NHL Entry Draft. Picked 6th overall, Gagner was the highest Oilers selection since Boyd Devereaux back in 1996.

The Devereaux picks was one in a span of three drafts that show how an inept scouting department can screw up even high picks. Edmonton had four top-six picks between 1994 and 1996, selecting Jason Bonsignore, Steve Kelly, Boyd Devereaux, and Ryan Smyth - only one of whom would go on to help the Oilers on the ice in the future.

Fortunately, the Oilers scouting department seems much better than it was back in the sunset years of Barry Fraser, and Sam Gagner looks to have been a solid selection. It's doubtful that the Oilers will have nearly that high a selection this year, but with the Oilers all but mathematically eliminated, I thought it might be a good time to see how high their pick could be this season. Every team currently within reach of Edmonton:

1. NY Islanders - 59PTS, 5GR (MAX: 69)
2. Colorado - 64PTS, 5GR (MAX: 74)
3. Tampa Bay - 66PTS, 4GR (MAX: 66)
4. Los Angeles - 73PTS, 5GR (MAX: 83)
5. Atlanta - 74PTS, 4GR (MAX: 82)
6. Phoenix - 75PTS, 4GR (MAX: 83)
7. Ottawa - 76PTS, 5GR (MAX: 86)
T8 - Toronto - 78PTS, 4GR (MAX: 86)
T8 - Dallas - 78PTS, 4GR (MAX: 86)
10. Edmonton - 81PTS, 4GR (MAX: 89)
11. Minnesota - 83PTS, 4GR (MAX: 91)
12. Nashville - 84PTS, 4GR (MAX:92)
13. St. Louis - 85PTS, 4GR (MAX:93)
14. Buffalo - 85PTS, 5GR (MAX: 95)
15. Anaheim - 86PTS, 4GR (MAX: 94)
16. Florida - 87PTS, 4GR (MAX: 95)
17. Columbus - 88PTS, 5GR (MAX:98)

A lottery pick is still mathematically possible, but highly unlikely for the Oilers, and anything outside of the top-twelve is also unlikely. With a bit of luck and some Jeff Delsauriers-goaltending though, this bunch of Oilers could conceivably jump all the way to the 7th overall pick.