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What Would Marty Reasoner Cost?

The Atlanta Thrashers sit 14th in the Eastern Conference with a 23-34-6 record and 188 goals for and 221 goals against (-33).

Marty Reasoner, a pending unrestricted free agent and former Oiler, currently sits at +6. According to Behind the Net, he's playing tough but not elite competition, and getting solid results. Here are his main numbers:

2.44 GFON/60
1.93 GAON/60
1.68 PTS/60

Those are solid results, especially given the situation. No other Thrasher is even close to Reasoner's 1.93 GAON/60.

On top of that, Reasoner's an elite penalty-killer, a good faceoff option, and by all accounts a character guy. Those three things could all be of use to the Oilers at this juncture.

Today, Don Waddell said that he was looking for young players rather than draft picks in exchange for his veterans. How about Bryan Lerg (apparently on the outs with the organization) straight across? Rob Schremp?