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Scoring By Forwards: Last Ten Games

What follows is a list of Oilers’ forwards and their offensive production over their last ten games.

Some caveats first: everybody gets cold, so this isn't intended to make any grand statements about the players listed, just show slumps/hot streaks.

There's lots of interesting stuff here, though - the top name and bottom three names on the list, and where the fourth line slot in all jumped out at me.

Sam Gagner: 4G – 4A – 8PTS, +5
Ales Hemsky: 3G – 3A – 6PTS, EV
Shawn Horcoff: 1G – 5A – 6PTS, -3
Andrew Cogliano: 3G – 2A – 5PTS, +3
Zack Stortini: 2G – 2A – 4PTS, +2
Kyle Brodziak: 2G – 2A – 4PTS, +2
Liam Reddox: 1G – 3A – 4PTS, +2
Fernando Pisani*: 1G – 3A – 4PTS, +1
Marc Pouliot: 1G – 2A – 3PTS, +2
Patrick O’Sullivan: 1G – 2A – 3PTS, -2
Robert Nilsson: 2G – 0A – 2PTS, +2
Ethan Moreau: 0G – 2A – 2PTS, +1
Ales Kotalik: 1G – 1A – 2PTS, -4
Dustin Penner: 0G – 0A – 0PTS, +3

To make it fair (so that everybody had ten games) I used each player’s last ten games rather than the last ten games the Oilers have played. The asterix on Fernando Pisani’s name indicates that 2 of his 10 games came before his recent injury.

Oh, and over at OilersNation I discuss the penalty kill and take shots at the print media.