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For Those Of You Who Feel Sam Gagner Could Be Traded

For the record, I like Sam Gagner. I think his season this year has been better overall than last, even if the points totals aren't as impressive.

In any case, I thought it would be a fun exercise to compare Gagner's first two seasons with those of another player who we're all familiar with.

Sam Gagner, 18: 79GP - 13G - 36A - 49PTS, -21
Ales Hemsky, 19: 59GP - 6G - 24A - 30PTS, +5

Sam Gagner, 19: 57GP - 7G - 16A - 23PTS, -3
Ales Hemsky, 20: 71GP - 12G - 22A - 34PTS, -7

It's worth noting that Hemsky's teams were superior; thus the gap in +/- is not nearly as close as it appears season over season. In fact, his -7 as a 20-year old was the worst number on the team.

Sam Gagner, Totals: 136GP - 20G - 52A - 72PTS, -24
Ales Hemsky, Totals: 130GP - 18G - 46A - 64PTS, -2

I really don't see much to chose from there. When you consider too that Sam Gagner did it a full year younger than Hemsky (which matters, believe me), it's even more impressive.

Sam Gagner's not going anywhere. That's how it should be.