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I’ve long suspected that NHL coaches and GM’s place far too much emphasis on the games a player plays against their own team. Either Tyler at or Vic at IOF suggested that Daniel Tjarnqvist was acquired largely because he played the tough matchups against Edmonton.

I wonder if much the same thing happened today with Brendan Morrison. Morrison’s largely had an indifferent season, but I wondered if he’d played well in his games against Dallas, so I looked them up:

Feb. 28: 0G-0A-0PTS, EV
Dec. 27: 2G-0A-2PTS, +1
Nov. 7: 1G–0A-1PTS, -1

Against Dallas: 3GP – 3G – 0A – 3PTS, EV
Against Everyone Else: 59GP – 7G – 12A – 19PTS, EV

I’d be very surprised if Les Jackson, Brett Hull, and Dave Tippett didn’t draw on Morrison’s performance against the Stars this season when deciding to claim him on waivers.