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OilersNation Roundup II

February 19 - AHL Prospect Rankings: #8 - Rob Schremp - I'm not by nature a boastful person, but I am very proud of this breakdown. It's extremely thorough and well worth the read.

February 17 - AHL Prospect Rankings: #9 - Tyler Spurgeon - I think Spurgeon has a very good chance at an NHL career (albeit an unspectacular one) if he can stay healthy.

February 15 - AHL Prospect Rankings: #10 - Slava Trukhno - Trukhno's in some trouble right now; he's got another year to right the ship.

February 14 - GDB 55: Old Friends - Game day blog for the game against the Kings.

February 13 - Should Souray be Suspended? - A followup on the Souray/Weller fight, based on a new highlight submitted to the NHL by the Wild.

February 12 - AHL Prospect Rankings: #11 - Bryan Lerg - I'm pulling for Lerg, but his offense needs to improve for him to get a legitimate shot at the NHL.

February 10 - Jaromir Jagr: Edmonton Oiler? -
Following the craziness sparked by the Jagr rumour reported by David Staples at Cult of Hockey (see blogroll on right).

February 10 - Jeff Truitt Out, Rob Daum In - Jeff Truitt fired and replaced by Rob Daum as the coach in Springfield.

February 9 - AHL Prospect Rankings: #12 - Tim Sestito - Tim Sestito's all about the intangibles; that's good because his tangibles don't track all that nicely.