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Why I Matter!

Actually, this is just a maintenance note, but I'm sick of writing "maintenance note" in the title, and I'm enjoying a moment of self congratulation. See, towards the start of September, my home computer crashed with all kinds of ugly issues. After a month of sitting in a Future Shop, I got the computer back with a promise that it works and a shiny new World of Warcraft CD in the disk drive, something which made me just a touch suspicious of the crack crew at Future Shop.

Anyways, my computer started acting up last night and went down this morning. After about two hours of constant freeze-ups, I gave up on System Restore and decided to turn to the internets and my wits for guidance.

Thanks to the power of my wits mad skilz the HP help page, I managed to get everything working in a little under an hour.

Also, I'm never purchasing a warranty at Future Shop again.