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Tracking Ladi I

Early days, but check out these numbers from Behind the Net:

GA ON/60
1.53 Ladislav Smid (3 GP)
1.55 Jason Strudwick (7)
1.72 Steve Staios (5)
1.91 Lubomir Visnovsky (7)
1.98 Sheldon Souray (6)
2.64 Denis Grebeshkov (7)
2.68 Tom Gilbert (7)

+0.43 Smid
+0.21 Strudwick
+0.12 Visnovsky
+0.08 Staios
+0.06 Souray
+0.05 Gilbert
+0.00 Grebeshkov

-0.24 Souray
-0.10 Smid
-0.10 Grebeshkov
+0.02 Staios
+0.16 Visnovsky
+0.20 Gilbert
+0.37 Strudwick

... with the last listed in inverse order so that the "right" guys with the toughest assignments are at the top of the list. In about 40 minutes total TOI, Smid ranks first, first and second, which certainly supports my unscientific observation that he played damn well in those games.

Tonight Ladi draws in if Strudwick is unable to go. To me it's a no-brainer, give Struds a chance to rest and recover, he's never going to play 82 games anyway. Smid plays a similar stay-at-home game, he's not banged up and surely he's chomping at the bit to play. Based on his early returns, there's no reason to hesitate getting Ladi right back in the line-up.