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Don Waddell Reads This Blog!

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With a tip of the hat to Illegal Curve, I'm rather surprised to pass on the news that the Atlanta Thrashers are apparently trying to sign Marek Malik.

If this goes through, it would be the second time this summer that I've been stunned by Don Waddell. Waddell's a guy I have never been terribly impressed with, but I had to give him credit for signing Jason Williams to a bargain contract. If he picks up C&B favourite Marek Malik at a reduced rate, I may need to start watching the occasional Thrashers game out of respect.

Another tip of the hat, this time to Dashing Silver Fox of HFBoards for passing along this rather lovely article on Eklund by Greg Wyshynski. Among some of the nastier body blows delivered to everyone's favourite fake rumour monger:

Is defending your site's plagiarism by claiming that it's your sources who actually plagiarize any defense at all? Doesn't it just speak to the incredible lack of even basic ethical standards and moral intuition in your character?

We'll try our best to cite our rumors (or at least reword them) on our weekly chat at 1 p.m. EDT, so please join us. There are good writers on Klessel's site; hopefully some day they'll be willing to trade the traffic and attention they receive for a semblance of professional respect they'll never earn while taking a paycheck from an embarrassment. Oh, sorry: An entertainer.

A couple of days ago, Lowetide joined the OilersNation site, and the comment was made that perhaps he should have considered While both are commercial sites, to my knowledge OilersNation has never stooped to making up material or plagiarizing the work of other writers. There isn't really a comparison: OilersNation is occasionally goofy, while Eklund is blatantly immoral and unprincipled.