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USA Hockey Magazine: Top Ten Blogs

While reading the forums at Hockey's Future, I came across this thread highlighting an article in USA Hockey Magazine on internet blogs. I highlight this article for one reason: while they point to Kukla's Korner, Bob McKenzie, James Mirtle and some other quality blogs, look at who sits number three on their list:

3) Hockey Buzz
Eklund, The Anonymous Hockey Blogger, is the number one NHL blogger on the Internet, and is his collaborative effort with bloggers everywhere. This is the site to find news and information on all the teams and to keep up to date with hockey rumors.

Eklund, as most people who follow hockey and have access to the internet know, is a charlatan, a mountebank; there is no substance to him, he just throws everything he has at the wall, and looks to see if anything sticks.

I have a good friend who follows Montreal (he occasionally comments as cams_habs) and one of the best ways to wind him up is to suggest that Montreal is looking at acquiring Patrick Marleau or Vincent Lecavalier, two players who Eklund has been suggesting will wind up in Montreal for the last few years. There are other examples of "rumours", largely concocted to tickle the ears of rabid fanbases who are less than particular about their news scources.

Stepping off of my soapbox now.

Fortunately for Oilers fans, there's no shortage of blogs available. Aside from Copeer & Blue and OilersNation (great sites, I know, but people get bored of listening to me occasionally), there's guys like Lowetide, Black Dog Hates Skunks, Covered in Oil, Irreverent Oiler Fans, Mc79Hockey, Cult of Hockey, Punjabi Oil and a whole bunch of other ones (see links on the left) UPDATE: And, of course, there's Battle of Alberta, which I somehow failed to mention.

If blogs don't appeal, there's always HFBoards, a varied group with a bunch of quality commenters and a few 'slobbering orcs wearing clown hats' (to borrow from Giant Moo). Either way, it's an era of choice when it comes to following the Oilers.