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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

There are quite a few guys who signed big-time deals this off-season; most of the contracts were welcomed by each team’s respecxtive fans, much like the Sheldon Souray contract was widely viewed as a good one by Oilers fans.

Here are Souray’s goals and point totals for the three seasons up to his UFA year:

2006-07: 26G, 64 PTS
2005-06: 12G, 39 PTS
2003-04: 15G, 35 PTS

Looking at those numbers , which level of production seems like an aberrration? If you answered 2006-07, contact Wanye, who will give you a signed cardboard box that he stole from a homeless guy this summer (trust me, he’s got lots of them).

So which free agents got signed on career years? It’s interesting to look at some of the names signed and try to figure out the reasoning of the general managers involved. Read more...