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Blogroll Changes

Just a quick maintenance note- I've made a few changes to the blogroll.

First off, Dan Barnes' blog All Four Cheeks has been removed, as it's rarely updated (the last Oilers news was 2 sentences on June 17th). I generally use this blogroll as my reading list, and it's just a pain to go somewhere and never find updates.

I've also added two new links to the References section. Five Hole Fanatics is one of the best Flames blogs around, and the only reason it didn't get added before was because of its evil ungodly vile subject matter. Still, it's good for an Oilers fan to keep tabs on the Flames and other Northwest Division opponents, so they're aboard.

The second link is to the blog page of The Hockey News. It's a fairly good group of writers (including recent addition Guy Flaming) and gives a good read on a large number of issues around the NHL.

If there are any Oilers (or NW Division, or general) blogs out there that would like to be linked to, just drop a comment off below. My only criteria are that it's updated reasonably often, and that it's something I'd read.