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There Is a Market for Sheldon Souray

Don't believe me? The evidence is all around us. NHL General Managers, a group that on an individual level can be very smart, can be very, very stupid when free agency roles around and there is a position of need. This year, the position of need for a lot of teams was defense. Here are a few samples:

*Mark Streit - 5 years, 20.5 million
*Wade Redden - 6 years, 39 million
*Brian Campbell - 8 years, 56.8 million
*Jeff Finger - 4 years, 14 million

and by way of comparison

*Sheldon Souray - 4 years (remaining), 21.6 million (cap hit)

The funny thing about these contracts is that the only one the national punditry (as a whole) are lampooning is the Finger contract.

Compared especially to the Redden contract (in my opinion, they're rather comparable as players- Redden is slightly more successful against certain competition, while Souray adds toughness and leadership) Souray's deal really doesn't look that bad, and could be moved (if he agrees to waive his NMC) to a team that missed out on the offensive defenseman it wanted so badly.

It really could happen.