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Sonier Evaluations

Grant Sonier is a Michigan-based amateur scout for the Boston Bruins. Previously, he’s been the assistant general manager of the Los Angeles Kings and Florida Panthers, the G.M. of the Detroit Vipers of the IHL, and an assistant coach and head coach of ECHL, IHL and junior teams.

There’s a paragraph in Gare Joyce’s book Future Greats and Heartbreaks about a scouting exercise that Sonier concocted once:

Grant Sonier, and assistant coach for [Columbus Blue Jackets Director of Hockey Operations Don] Boyd in Newmarket and these days a scout for the Los Angeles Kings, came up with a brain-teaser about player evaluation: If you had three categories – talent, hockey sense, and character – and only six chips to place in those slots, how would you distribute them? …. I asked Sonire how he’d spread those chips if he were scouting – in retrospect – Jason Bonsignore. His reply was quick and to the point: "Six on talent, none for hockey sense, none for character."