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Sheldon Souray: Is He Really the Player You Think He Is?

Too much emphasis has been placed on Sheldon Souray’s season in 2006-07, both by his detractors and by his supporters.

The detractors point to his play 5-on-5; they look at his -28 rating, and compare his 1.92 GFON/60 to his 3.43 GAON/60, and look at the quality of competition he played against (5th among Canadiens blueliners) and they say he’s a guy who can’t handle any kind of NHL opposition, a guy who is a liability whenever he’s on the ice.

The supporters look at his 19 powerplay goals and 48 powerplay points, and make the case that Souray is a difference maker 5-on-4, an offensive juggernaut whose shot from the point can single-handedly revitalize a powerplay.

Personally, I think that both points of view are wrong.