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Market for Defensive Defensemen

As per, the New Jersey Devils have resigned Bryce Salvador to a 4yr/11.6M dollar contract. This seems like a lot of money for a player like Salvador, who excelled in a tough minutes role last season, and might have been a nice target for the Oilers.

Sauer's contract will likely be in the same range, and Commodore's will probably be higher. If I were an NHL GM, I'd be taking a good look at Marek Malik, who plays a very similar role effectively, and who is generally underrated because he a) plays less physically than a 6'5" defenseman should and b) seems pretty high-strung.

I think Malik will be the best bargain purchase of the day. Whoever gets Sauer, at 3-3.5M/yr, is probably getting a pretty good deal too.