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Marian Hossa Signs In Detroit

Ken Holland is a super-genius, and the rest of the Hockey World knows it and caters to him accordingly. There is no other explanation for Marian Hossa's decision to leave money and term on the table (beyond Rich Winter's dislike for big commisions that in anyway connect him to Kevin Lowe) and sign a 1-year, 7.4-million dollar contract with the Red Wings.

This was the best free agent signing of the period, a brilliant move only possible for the Detroit Red Wings. Nobody else, including the Penguins, could have induced Hossa to ink such a contract. Hossa wants the Stanley Cup next year, and presumably feels he can get his retirement payday at that time. Detroit now has an almost unbeatable group of forwards, with four total players among the best at their positions. I'm stunned.

As for the Oilers, this could be a the best possible outcome, given that Katz has sent his message and their is no doubt the team is willing to spend. It could be a bad outcome too, if Lowe takes the money he had earmarked for Hossa and offers it to Kristian Huselius.