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A Couple of Days Late...

Salei: You really screwed that up, Jeff.
Finger: Yeah, but I have compromising photos of Cliff Fletcher. I'll be OK.

So, entering the unrestricted free agency season, I projected Jeff Finger and Kurt Sauer to fly under the radar. I guess I was half right. Here's what I said about the two players, one of whom is a bargain (1.75M/yr) and the other is a boat anchor (3.5M/yr):

Prior to Foote's acquisition, Clark and Sauer were thrown at the tough opponents, Hannan and Salei the middling, and Finger and Liles got mop-up duty.

Sauer posted a bizarrely good 2.81 GFON/60 vs. 1.70 GAON/60 - this against the very best in the NHL. Amazing number. Finger had good numbers too (3.00 GFON/60, 2.38 GAON/60).

Even-strength, Finger can probably play middling opponents with some success, but he doesn't even come close to Sauer, or add a dimension the Oilers lack.

The other thing about Sauer is that he probably wouldn't cost very much at all.

I didn't say it, but I didn't think Finger would get very much either. 1-2M/yr range.

Finger might be an OK second-pairing guy, and no matter what Wilson and Fletcher think, he isn't a tough-minutes shut-down player. They're either stupid, lying or both.