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Complete Rebuild

It can be easy, when constantly following a team, to miss the sheer volume of change that occurs over a couple of seasons. Take 2005-06. The Oilers came out of the lockout with tons of cheap, young talent, and immediately made big moves to transform the team into a contender. Mike Peca and Chris Pronger were acquired via trades, and as the year went on, more pieces (headlined by Dwayne Roloson) were added to a team that ultimately went to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. Few knew it then, but a massive overhaul of the roster was to take place the following summer that would launch a rebuild that so far has engulfed two seasons.

Here is what that 2005-06 team looked like (bolded players are still here):

Smyth - Horcoff - Dvorak
Samsonov – Stoll - Hemsky
Torres - Peca - Pisani
Moreau - Pouliot - Laraque
Murray – Harvey – Winchester

Pronger – Smith
Spacek - Staios
Tarnstrom - Bergeron


7 survivors of the 25 players who appeared in the most games and finished the year with Edmonton (note that Morrison, despite being pictured, wasnt one of them. I just felt that he deserved to be recognized based on a nice bounce-back season with Bridgeport of the AHL).

The rebuild is nearly over.